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Simon Coveney T.D., Wilhelm Molterer, Enda Kenny T.D., Phil Hogan, Czesław Adam Siekierski

Simon Coveney T.D., Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine; Wilhelm Molterer, Vice-President of the European Investment Bank; Enda Kenny T.D., Taoiseach of Ireland (Prime Minister of Ireland; Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development; Czesław Adam Siekierski, Chair of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, European Parliament (from left to right)

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Joanna Wardzińska, Michaela Kollárová, Martin Polónyi

Joanna Wardzińska, Vice-President, Social and Economic Investment Company TISE S.A. (Financial Intermediary), Republic of Poland; Michaela Kollárová, Head of EU Structural Funds Section, State Housing Development Fund, Slovak Republic; Martin Polónyi, Department of Financial Strategy for Economic Growth, Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic