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  1. Mr Giampietro Pizzo

    Mr Giampietro Pizzo, President, Italian Microfinance Network (RITMI)

  2. Mr Matthieu Bertrand

    Mr Matthieu Bertrand, Mandate Manager, European Investment Bank

  3. Mr Marko Gorban

    Mr Marko Gorban, Deputy Secretary General for Agricultural and Rural Life Policies, Ministry of Agriculture, Estonia

  4. Ms Katrin Sturm

    Ms Katrin Sturm, Secretary General, EU Association of Guarantee Institutions

  5. Mr Cathal Fitzgerald

    Mr Cathal Fitzgerald, Head of Food and Agriculture Investments, Ireland Strategic Investment Fund MilkFlex

  6. Mr Frank Lee

    Mr Frank Lee, Head of Financial Instruments Advisory Division, European Investment Bank

  7. Mr Pim van Ballekom

    Mr Pim van Ballekom, Vice-President, European Investment Bank

  8. Mr Aldo Longo

    Mr Aldo Longo, Director, DG Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission